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7th-Apr-2010 05:50 pm
nicole❞ butterfly text
Welcome to Nicole's journal

i chose my username because i
love strawberryjam.

I'm not a loner,
i can be a very good friend.
my best friend is Isabella

The kitchen's my favorite place, except for the state library.

i have a june birthday.

The computer is very close to my heart,
i'm a fangirl.
I love movies, television and books.

I dream big.

I believe in fairy tales.
One day I'll get my castle and be the princess.

Doctor's the goal!

i love music
more or less all kinds.

sorry Edward.

Hufflepuff is my choice.

coffee is my drug.

And cakes are my alcohol.

R.I.P. Dear Gamecube

rainy days are nice, but that's nothing against winter and snow.

when it's winter I can use my favorite shoes.

I don't really like cats, they're cute and all but nothing against pandas!

i'm an asiantard.
i plan to move to Japan someday.
(or Korea)

as you can see, i really love blinkies.
I make @ and

I love all colors.

thank you for stepping by
(Deleted comment)
7th-Dec-2010 05:21 pm (UTC)
aww, thanks ILY TOO<3<3
9th-Feb-2011 04:46 pm (UTC)
add me ^^
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